Saturday, October 13, 2007

WIP...My Oversized Ballband Dishcloth

Thought I should probably add a little bit of "knitting" to my blog. This is my Oversized Ballband Dishcloth that lately i've been on and off working on. According to the pattern I'm supposed to be using size 7 needles but at the time I started the smallest needles I had were size 9. So really looking at this project it is more like a Ballband Dishtowel instead of Dishcloth. Oh well, honestly I was just wanted to try the pattern, which I really like. It has this brickish/block look to it that is pretty cool, or at least I think so. Plus I had some el cheapo Sugar n' Cream yarn to use up so what the hell? Make a cheap dish whatever with cheap for me!


Laurie said...

Hello fellow Libra, and welcome to Knitter's Coffee Swap! What a great way to bring in the colder weather and longer nights: with coffee and knitting!
I like your colors and design of the dish rag/cloth. Look at it this way: some larger pots and pans need more cloth to clean them with or dry them with. Got to work with what you have.