Friday, April 4, 2008


Looks like the boys are going to be doing a reunion show...can you believe it? OK...if my memory serves me right, I went to their show on July 5, 1990 at Sandstone Amphitheatre. Opening was Rick Wes, Perfect Gentlemen and Tommy Page...whom I freakin' loved back in the day. Honestly the only reason I went to this concert was because my cousin Karen was DEEPLY, SCARY-LIKE IN LOVE with Joey McIntyre and had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted to go with her and my aunt. Well...OK...since I was mildy infatuated with Jonathan Knight I figured "hell, I'll ticket". I want to say this was my first concert, I also want to say that I remember watching the concert with the binoculars and becoming a little misty eyed by the site of Jonathan dancing and singing on stage...COME ON PEOPLE, I WAS 13!!! And yes...I had NKOTB sheets when I was younger. Can't remember if I got them from the grandparents or my mom, but yes, I had them...
So will I go to the reunion show if it comes to KC? Sure what the hell...I need a little torture and nostalgia. And I'm sure I know some friends that would go with me...Christy? :)