Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10:22AM, October 28, 2008

A time and date I will now never forget. This is the time that my mom called me to let me know "what is wrong with her." My mom has been complaining of chest pains and being sore around her ribs, or as she says "right below my bra." My mom went to the doctors on the 22nd, the day after her 57th birthday, to find out what was wrong with her. Since then she has had a series of CAT scans, bone density tests and a mammogram. Today she went to the doctors and was told that she has lung cancer. No, she does not smoke...the question I've heard numerous times today. I'm not sure all the details yet because she hasn't told me everything and honestly I don't know that she knows all the details yet either. She goes back to the doctor's on Thursday and I plan to go with her to ask all the questions I have and hopefully get answers to everything that I/she needs to know.

My mom and I have talked quite a bit about cancer. Talked about the "Cancer Policy" at our work and how nowadays people are silly not to get it because of cancer being so common. How we are bound and determined to get it sometime in our lives because of all our family members having some shape/form of it. But now it's one of those things like "Hey! You weren't supposed to get it! You're too young to have cancer. (like there's such a thing)" I think i'm worried, scared, uneasy, unknowing and not sure how to accept that my mom now has cancer.