Monday, October 22, 2007


Thank god my Mondays start with "coffee morning with April"...sounds like a NPR program or something....hmmm, there's a thought. But I don't think we could get paid to do it so scratch that idea. April and I meet every Monday/Friday morning at Starbuck's. These are mornings to either talk about our weekends or bitch about our weeks. I love coffee mornings! Unfortunately our morning was cut a little early due to the fact I had a lovely 8am dentist appointment that I had to rush to in the downpour of rain this morning...not fun.

As usual, I go to get my teeth cleaned, listen to the hygienist repeat herself about how "I need to brush twice a day and floss and use mouthwash and brush and floss and..." Granted I brush once a day and use my tongue cleaner, apparently I'm not doing enough. WTF?! I guess I'm supposed to take 15 mins out of my morning to stand in front of the mirror and concentrate on my gums! I have a hard enough time waking up in the morning on time that now I need to wake up even earlier to concentrate on making sure that I'm brushing against my gum line? Ugh...I'm going to try...or at least I will try for a week and go back to being a slacker. We shall see...

Next stop before work is the lovely trip to the Wyandotte County Courthouse to file garnishment papers on a customer that loves to play fucking games and not pay his bill. I want to say that we took him to court in April and he has yet to pay his judgement. I think I have now went back to the lovely courthouse maybe 10 times to try and get money and still have a about $500 to collect from a $1500 bill. And let me tell you...the clerks at the Wyandotte County Courthouse are not the most friendliest chicks! I swear, every time I go there I either come out feeling like a complete fucking moron for asking questions as to how to fill out paperwork or that I put them out by having them file shit for me. Isn't that their job? Out of all the courthouses I have had to go to for small claims cases for work, Wyandotte County is the least on my list that I like going to.

Finally I show up to work around 10:30...typical lovely day in Accounting. I seriously need a new job... A new job that I don't have to constantly hear customers whine about not receiving an invoice or how they have no money to pay their bill or how they can't understand why they were charged what they were charged. I don't know why I'm in Accounting. I hate Math! I hate numbers! I guess the job pays the bills...although, I win the lottery or someone offers me another job and I'm out the door in a hurry!

On a positive note...I have signed up for two swaps via Ravelry! I've never done the swap thing before. I'm doing the "Caffeine Addicts" and "Coffee Swap Three" swaps! The CA swap is an annoyomous swap. I did hear from the person that has me today via email and they seem to have the same possible warped sense of humor that I do... (OK swap buddy if I'm wrong, please correct me!) I have also emailed my swap anonymously letting her know that I have her. I like to blog stalk her so I can see what she is into so I can get ideas as to what to hook her up with...

For my CST swap they made it so your and your buddy are swaps. My swap is Kitty! She is from Scotland and we have talked via email several times! Kitty is awesome and I always look forward to her emails. I have done some shopping for her and I hope she likes what I'm sending her...hopefully we don't have to beat some ass to get it delivered though since the postal service is on strike :(

I almost forgot...My dad called me from San Diego this morning telling me that he was being evacuated from his house. I guess the fires were coming towards his house and work and he has told to leave. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to deal with something like this. He also mentioned that he was going to try and go to our friend Kris' house but something to do with traffic being so bad from all the people leaving that he didn't know what he was going to do. I guess we all have to pray that the fires stop. Houses can be replaced, people cannot.