Monday, October 22, 2007

The things we do for food...

Saturday after Mike got off work we went and picked up my mom, sister and Baby Fuzz for our 99 mile, 1 hour and 41 min (approx) trip to the lovely, Amish community of Jamesport, MO in search of BREAD! OMG they have the greatest jalapeno cheese bread ever at the Countryside Bakery. It is an Amish bakery that has bread, pastries, noodles, jams, etc... I should've taken a pic of this freakin' awesome bread...but I'm a slacker and didn't! However we did take some pics from our drive in the city...

Common travel in Jamesport by the Amish.

We all said that this guy is traveling in his convertible.

I convinced the car that the pic above is of "Future Sock Growers!" They all agreed, I've got them trained :)

This is a pic of the "Kum & Go" sign in Cameron, MO on the way home. Kum & Go is an inside joke between myself and my friend April. On one of our trips out of town it was our mission to stop at every Kum & Go we could. After stopping at these gas stations we would get back in the car and yell "Kum & Go, We Came & Went!" OK yes, we are dorks and it amused us!