Tuesday, September 25, 2007

31 tomorrow!

OK...so today is my last day of being 30. 30 wasn't a bad year. Had it's ups & downs... Hopefully more ups this next year! Had one birthday party this last Friday...had a good time. It was me, Mike, Steph and her friend Matt, April & Matt, Michelle, Dan & his fiance. We all had a good time and had an even better time watching Michelle :) Tomorrow night i'm having dinner with Mike, mom, Steph and Baby Fuzz! Then we are off to D&D's to celebrate and take advantage of the lovely 25 cent drinks for Ladies Night!


Dulcedosa said...

I LOVE HELLO KITTY! Of course, you know I'm UTTERLY OBSESSED with CHOCOCAT! ME LOVE HE! I printed out some of the Hello Kitty coloring pages. One day when I'm REALLY REALLY bored, I'll color them and hang them in my cube.