Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who's a slacker?

I AM! OMG...I can't believe I've not posted since December! OK, maybe I can... I've been knitting, I just need to take pics of what I have been knitting. Let's see...I started a Log Cabin Blanket, 2 socks (not the same of course!) and last night I began knitting on a Hello Kitty hat. I've been off and on motivated to knit. Of course being sick for over a week didn't help things either! I've not been to UFO Night at MisKnits in forever either! I didn't even go to the Guild meeting Monday. I actually had every intention of going...just didn't make it out of AT&T til 6:45. I am the new proud owner of my lovely burgandy Blackberry Curve phone that is cute as hell! Why do "cute as hell" things have to be so damn expensive?

Hmmm...what else is going on with me? Well...I'm counting down the months til Mike and I move out of our apartment. Where are we moving you ask? Hell if I know!?! I signed up for for their listings and have been updating those on a daily basis. Then I also get these weird thoughts in my head about buying a house again. Unfortunately I don't know if I can actually purchase a house without actually having enough dinero saved up for a down payment. If anyone knows how this can be done, let me know! I just find it crazy that i'm being raped by living in Johnson County paying over $900 a month for rent on a two bedroom apartment! Granted...we do have quite a bit of space in our apartment but over $900 is crazy as hell!

Also I have been off and on thinking about what Mike and I are going to do about our wedding. It's a second marriage for both of us. Do we go fancy/simple? Do we go church/uncoventional? We are both pretty much set on asking if Jeff Scheel singer of band "Gravity Kills" would marry us since he is licensed. But OMG...during the ceremony I would be spending all my time oohing and ahhing and wiping my chin off from the excessive amount of drull that would be coming out of my mouth watching Jeff though! OMG...I used to go the the GK shows just to watch Jeff. Slightly obsessive! I mean, on my desk at work I have two pics of Jeff and I...the ex husband would ask "why do you have Jeff and you pics on your desk at work but none of the two of us?" Geee....


Christy said...

Yay for Blackberries!

Dulcedosa said...

My personal opinions;

See if you can rent to buy a house first so you can see if you want to take the plunge and buy it.
Home ownership can be a HUGE money pit. :: sigh ::

Save your money for a nice honeymoon and have a simple wedding. Less stress, too.