Saturday, December 15, 2007

She's crafty!

Ok so since there is inches of snow outside I decided no way in hell am I
going anywhere today! So as you can see below, I've been chillin' all day
in my lovely new Christmas Stocking Wearin' Skull-n-Crossbones
jammy pants!

But I have been productive! A couple months ago at my boyfriend's sister's house
we were all sitting around the table talking about that show that was on TV,
"Cougars vs. Kittens". It was some reality show about some guy going
on dates with 40-something chicks (Cougars) and younger chicks (Kittens)
to figure out who would win his heart or some kind of crap like that.
I didn't watch the show. Just saw the commercials.
Well at the table was me, my boyfriend, his mom, two sisters and brother-in-law. We were joking about his mom being too old to be a "cougar" so we would give her the name of "Mountain Lion". Another conversation at the table was about one of my boyfriend's sisters having a twenty-something year old living with her and she being 41, so then we started calling her a "cougar". Well, my boyfriend's youngest sister, who just turned 40 felt a little left out since everyone else had a nickname so we had to think of her. Well this sister has 5 kids! Lord save her! So we thought of a good name for her and said she was a "M.I.L.F." So as a joke for Christmas this year I decided to make them "wife beaters" that have their nicknames on them. They will get a kick out of it.

All shirts were made with the pain in the ass "GeMagic Kit"...biggest pain in the ass ever! Do not buy one! My fingers are sore from the damn prongs in the "gems" and if you ever are so unlucky to watch the infomercial (I didn't buy it from the infomercial, got it at Wally World) they make the damn thing seem so easy...damn liars!!