Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caffeine Addicts Swap!

I would like to thank Ria for my awesome package! I received Trekking hand art Tundra, Galway Highland Heather wool (which both of these yarns I already have so getting extras rock!), a pound of Mara’s Zimbabwe coffee beans (which OMG smell freakin’ awesome!), Voortman’s Sugar Free Tea Ring cookies (I need to find out where I put in my blog that I can’t have sugar? Regardless these cookies are good and almost gone already!), Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip/pretzel Snack Set, two awesome bags that Ria made (very cute!), stich markers that Ria made (sorry my picture doesn’t do justice!), cute sheep candles and a sheep postcard with a note from Ria. My package ROCKED! Thank you so much Ria…sorry my Blackberry doesn’t take better pics!


Ria said...

I'm really glad you liked the package I sent. I just took a look through your blog again and I have no idea why I thought you couldn't have sugar. I've only been in the one swap, so I didn't mix up two swaps. Sorry. I must be just losing my mind! You do like green right? I really hope I got the yarn color right!

Amanda said...

I love GREEN! It's my favorite color. You have great taste in yarn...the yarns you gave me are already in my stash!